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How Weather, Covid, and WSIB can affect your decision in choosing a Roofing company in Peterborough Ontario.

WSIB and Roofing

At Feeney Roofing we are always looking out for our employees and the homeowners. Homeowners usually don’t realize that at Feeney Roofing we ensure all our staff has been trained to understand all safety requirements issued by WSIB.

We want our employees to not only do the job correctly but as safely as they can. When we come out to your property to do an inspection we ensure we have all the proper equipment and follow all the appropriate safety measures. Once we do the inspection we go over all the details so the homeowner understands everything in detail.

WSIB Common Mistake

One question that we receive periodically from homeowners is “why is another company much lower”? In almost all cases companies that offer a much better price, turnaround time and alternative payment methods are companies that do shortcuts in the workmanship and probably do not have WSIB.

How Weather, Covid, and WSIB can affect your decision in choosing a Roofing company in Peterborough Ontario.

What does WSIB cover?

At Feeney Roofing we are always up to date and appreciate what WSIB does for our workers. Workplace insurance pays workers 85% of their take-home pay if they cannot work because of work-related injury or illness, up to a maximum insured wage of $90,300 in 2018. (Note: WSIB pays 90% of the worker’s take–home pay if the injury occurred in the period from April 1985 – December 1997.

For the homeowner, a contractor’s WSIB insurance coverage guarantees you no-fault workplace insurance. As a result, you, as a homeowner, are protected against costly court settlements and receive support when you need it. This gives you peace of mind knowing you are working with the right people.

If you require more information on WSIB here is the link https://www.wsib.ca/en.

Covid, Roofing, and Timelines

Feeney Roofing strives to provide excellent customer service with our experts that have years of experience. Covid-19 has made it extremely difficult for businesses to operate at their full capacity, but roofing remains essential during these unprecedented times. We are working at full capacity and are following all guidelines to provide services for our clients. We continue to wear masks during work and are continuing social distancing practices.

We ask that our clients wear a mask when interacting with staff so that we continue to have a safe working environment. As we are moving to stage three we are still doing what the government requires for your safety and for our employees. Even though we are moving to stage three this does not mean we can move faster. The roofing industry is also having an issue getting materials for roofing jobs which affects timelines.

We are doing our best to ensure materials get in on time and meet the deadlines for our clients. If you do have to push your job back please have patients with the understanding that we are doing everything we can to meet the needs of our clients during these troubling times.

Weather and Roofing

Feeney Roofing is always planning scheduling appointments and start dates for our clients. This is an extremely difficult task with Ontario weather. During this summer there have been many rain days which pushes some roofing installations back.

The more rain, high winds, and crazy weather patterns the more of a challenge it can be. The staff at Feeney Roofing wants you to have patients during these bad weather patterns. Our objective is to do a safe, on–time, and professional job during for the homeowners.

Hiring Employees

At Feeney Roofing we are always looking for people who want to be part of The City of Kawartha lake‘s best roofing company. We pay our employees fair wages and offer a detailed safety training package which ensures we have trained safety first employees.

Flat Roof Education

Flat and low slope roofing is a style of roofing that is used for many different building types from residential to commercial. Typically, in Ontario, flat and low slope roofs are less common as the precipitation is usually high. This means that finding the right expert for your flat roof with the proper experience can be difficult. Feeney Roofing can provide experts that have worked with flat and low sloped roofs for decades so that your building will stay leak–free and insulated for years to come. Many materials can be used for flat roofs ranging from asphalt to synthetic rubbers depending on the style and requirements of the building.

Many flat or sloped roofs in Ontario are used for living spaces to experience the outside in places where there isn’t much property. Roof living spaces require proper care for both an aesthetic appeal and safety for the people using them. Many commercial buildings in Ontario also use flat or low sloped roofs which our experts have decades of experience with replacing, repairing, and installing.

Flat roofs can require permits and building precautions that our experts can easily cover, making your experience seamless and stress–free. Our team works around the clock with commercial buildings to provide businesses the opportunity to work uninterrupted during business hours. Feeney Roofing has been doing Flat and Low slope roofs for decades and has a proven positive track record when it comes to quality, price, and timeline. Many companies suggest they do flat roofs or low slopes but beware, if they are not qualified it will cost you much more to get it fixed by a professional.

You also have to make sure the company is covered with WSIB insurance. Many homeowners are at risk of being sued if they get caught using a company that does not