Shingle Roofing

Choosing a new roof is a big decision with so many any manufactures and products out there. You need some help in deciding what is right for your home. With Feeney Roofing, we have access to all manufactures products and we will sit with you and help you make your decision easy.

Products vary in 3 categories:

  1. 3 tab shingles with a 25 or 30 year warranty
  2. Cedar Shakes
  3. Architectural shingles that have limited Lifetime Warranty and up to a 50 year non pro-rated warranty

When inspecting a roof, we not only look at the shingles, but at deck condition and ventilation system as well to ensure you qualify for warranty of product. We also look at eavestrough and chimney to make sure we are not dealing with any issues that can affect your new roof and your new roof warranty.

Feeney Roofing is up to date with all manufacture’s specifications and requirements to meet building code.

From a repair to full installation, we can assist you in making the right choice.

When installing Shingle Roofing Feeney Roofing ensures that we:


No warranty for shingling over exiting roofing system.


Rotten or broken plywood or boards need to be replaced.


Install adequate number of roof vents as well inspect soffits to ensure proper flow for warranty purposes.


Offers a layer of waterproof protection and assists with ice back up in the winters. Installed around eaves, valleys, skylights, and around low slope and snow load areas.


Offers an additional layer of weather resistance.


We repair chimney leaks and visible cracks in the bricks and chimney cap.


Inspect for cracks, condensation, and leaking.

Things to consider when choosing shingles:

  1. Wind warranty
  2. Manufacture Warranty
  3. Algae Warranty
  4. Style of shingle
  5. Colour

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With being able to help with all your roofing needs, no wonder Feeney Roofing has been the benchmark of Roofing in Peterborough, Lindsay and the surrounding area since 1984!