Soffit and Ventilation

Soffits are designed to allow air flow. They pull the air into the attic and up to the vents in the roof. With open soffits and venting you will achieve proper attic venting. This helps reduce the attic temperature in the summer and winter, extending the life of your shingles and help reduce ice damming and back up.

From a repair to full installation we can assist you making the right choice.

Types of venting options available Include:


Are Low Profile or Flat Vents. They have no moving parts but create an opening for the rising hot air.


Have no motor but rely on the wind to move them. They move more air that the box vents, but only when the wind is moving them.


Have a motor moving the fan. They can come with additional options of a thermostat, humidistat, or solar power.


Have no moving parts. They run the entire length of the horizontal house ridge.

*You can only use one type of vent on a roof.

When installing Soffits Feeney Roofing ensures that we:


No warranty for shingles if you have closed soffits.


Solid soffits or blocked soffits need to opened or replaced.


Install adequate number of roof vents and Moore vents as well inspect soffits to ensure proper flow for warranty purposes.


Fix all damaged or rotted materials before installing new soffits.

Things to consider when choosing sofit:

  1. Shingle Warranty
  2. Moore Venting
  3. Vent Type
  4. Style
  5. Colour

We work on:

  1. Perforated soffits
  2. 2 or 4 panel
  3. Wood and vinyl
  4. Composite

Shingle Warranties are void if soffits are solid or there is no proper ventilation.

  1. Moore Venting helps to keep the attic insulation out of the soffits but allow airflow into the attic, they keep the attic insulation out of the soffits. Once soffits are open and vents the Moore vents allow all the airflow you will need. This is required for warranty purposes.
  2. Proper venation helps keep the attic dry which maximizes the R factor in the insulation.
  3. Mixing types can cause an interruption in the air flow which causes parts of the attic to be ineffectively vented.

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