Fascia and Cladding

Fascia metal is designed to give a long lasting finish for that clean appearance, reduces the chance of wood fascia rotting, as well as no more painting.

Cladding is under the fascia capping of the windows, doors, and garage doors, and other exterior wood. It reduces decay and break down and gives a long lasting finish. It’s also maintenance free.

From a repair to full installation we can assist you making the right choice.

When installing Fascia and Cladding Feeney Roofing ensures that we:


Any cracks or breaks allow water in to damage the wood underneath.


Rotten or broken plywood or boards need to be replaced.


We bend all out Fascia and Cladding to fit around the wood this helps protect wood from being exposed to the elements.

Things to consider when choosing fascia & cladding:

  1. Colour
  2. Style
  3. Corners
  4. Joiners
  5. End Cap

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