Steel roofing is a common use for buildings looking for high resistance, impermeability, and longevity. Feeney Roofing has extensive knowledge of steel roofing from repair to installation and can expert advice on whether this roof is right for you.

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Steel roofs are typically low cost providing up to a century of cover with proper maintenance. Steel roofs are less common in Ontario, but they can be more efficient for energy and installation in the summer as the metal reflects much of the heat away from the house.

Steel roofs have many important uses that may be right for you and are usually recycled materials that can also be recycled again.

Steel roofs are also extremely light which makes them optimal for low-weight baring roofs that may not be able to support a typical asphalt roof.

Steel Roofing Services Ontario

Though there are disadvantages to steel roofs like sound amplification (can hear rain) and less installation in the winter, steel roofs can be extremely beneficial depending on the situation and the installation process. Steel roofs come in a variety of colors as they can also be painted to increase the reflective ability of heat.

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