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Fascia and cladding are something that many people do not think about until they run into problems. Fascia and cladding are not only for the aesthetic appeal of the home but are also crucial to keep wildlife from entering your home.

Fascia comes in a range of materials and colors for your suited style. Living in Ontario, many different animals including birds and rodents create homes on and within homes which is why it is crucial to have proper installation of fascia and why it should be sealed correctly. This may seem straightforward, but many buildings have issues due to improper installation or damage that should have been maintained.

Feeney Roofing provides both expert installation and proper repair and maintenance so that your home or business runs smoothly without any hiccups. Sealing your home from the outside environment is one of the most important aspects of a home or business that tends to be overlooked by many people. Here at Feeney Roofing, we have experts that take extra care in making sure you will have years of comfort in both your home and business.

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