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Steve Feeney Sr. started Feeney Roofing over 35 years ago! He was introduced into the business at the age of 16 when he started working for a relative’s roofing company. He gained extensive experience working firsthand as a laborer and a newfound appreciation for the hard work that was put into each and every job. His passion grew for the business and he soon realized that he had obtained the knowledge and expertise to start his own roofing company, having put in his time and sweat into making his relative’s business a success.

A joyful construction worker with a hammer is kneeling on the wooden structure of a roof carcass, looking upwards with a smile, wearing a hard hat and reflective vest.

Steve married his wife, Bonnie and they had three beautiful children, two girls, and a boy. Together they created a lucrative company, called Feeney Roofing. Their son, Stephen Jr. as a young man took interest in his parents’ business, having grown up with a hammer in his hand spending time next to his father at job sites. When Steve Jr. completed High School, he began working full-time with his parents learning the trade inside and out. Stephen Jr. began gaining confidence in his ability and was making a reputation for himself building trusting relationships with his clients. Steve Sr. and Bonnie noted this and decided that it was time to pass the torch and retire knowing their son, Stephen Jr. was ready and skilled to take on the business and continue with its success.

Steve Jr. took over the family business 10 years ago. He introduced a new marking plan knowing the growing market, bought new equipment, and grew the company from 3 crews to 9 crews and it is still growing today. He also introduced an eavestrough and siding component to the business.

Steve JR and Feeney Roofing continue to be the number one roofing company in Northumberland County!

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